The feedback form  in Facebook

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1. Report a problem with the login .
2. My personal account was disabled .
3. Application form for the blocked account — the request ID .
4. Account disabled — violates the rules .
5. Account disabled — underage .
6. Blocked Several accounts .
7. Account locked for security reasons.
8. Blocked payments and Ads Manager .
9. You must log on to the website in order to see the error page .
10. Verification to protect access to the account .
11. Make complaints against a fake page of a public figure .
12. Report an impostor account .
13. Report a problem with account verification .
14. Make complaints against violation of your rights or attempt to violate your rights .

Trusted sites for making SMS:


Import cookies

Cookies is a collection of data that can be imported into the browser in different ways. They can encode and decode to fit your needs.

Now we give cookies which you can import in Google Chrome and Firefox via extensions.

1. EditThisCookie for Google Chrome.

2. Cookiebro for Google Chrome.

3. Cookiebro for Firefox.

*If you have another browser, and does not work, then ask for help to the developer.

IF YOU have INDIGO and cookies are not imported through the solution, then just import them via the built-in functionality of Indigo

The import should look something like this: 

Proxies which are suitable to our accounts:

You can use IPv4, IPv6 or any other mobile proxy, and also to distribute the Internet from your phone.


1. What these accounts?
- To start advertising in Facebook.


2. What to do with them? Farm need?
- No Farm is not necessary, you just need to "teach" to iron. This is done as follows: the First day, just sign in to your account and immediately close the browser. After 12 hours you can just open close the browser after a few seconds.
Using a day or more, the account was used to iron you go to the start of advertising. (read more in video: )


3. What are BM?
- BM can be simple (normal BM which can be created by any user)
- BM with high trust. They differ in that they have higher trust, and leaves to take a leak up to$ 350 per day).
- Verified MB. This BM we have applied and have confirmed that we are an organisation that plans to run the ads. We received a "Tick" and now this unique BM with advanced capabilities and the highest possible level of confidence). About the verification:


4. Not included for cookies / problems with the import of the cookies.
- If experiencing difficulties with login cookies, then sign in with login/password.


5. I don't know how to pour....
- Learn. Test.


6. What Business Manager?
- Commercial property Manager is needed for those who could not create it myself, or appreciates the time and doesn't want to create it myself.


7. How can Business Managers to activate the account?
- Not limited.


8. On any account, you can activate the Business Manager?
Any Facebook account in which you have access and you can enter.


9. For a GEO designed BM?
Have no BM GEO. Ads can be run on any country.


10. The list of reasons why Facebook is blocking the accounts:
— Login to your account from other countries/cities (different IP address).
— Log into the ad account from the Crimea.
— Crediting a large amount to your account balance.
— The name on the card differs from the name in Facebook.
— Use Bank card from other country.
— A sharp increase in advertising costs.
— Change the method of payment.
— Adding people with "bad" reputation into account.
Error Facebook.
— Advertising of prohibited materials.
— Advertising of restricted content.
— Complaints on advertising.
— Inconsistency page ad.
— Use of illegal scripts on the page.
— Redirect the user to another site.
Is the domain on which you're using, is already marked as blocked in other account.
— To observe the rule: 1 advertising office = 1 map.
— Many similar actions in a short period of time.
Also worth mentioning that in Facebook there are 2 types of lock:
— Automatic (locks the robot, so easier to hit).
— Manual (blocks a moderator manually).



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