Hello my dear friends!

My name is Dmitry. I am glad to welcome you to my store! You can buy personal Facebook accounts from me, ready-made Business Managers (BM0 - link app with admin rights, with a daily limit of $ 50 and 350.
To find out the price, click the Buy button! You can pay with WMZ or Bitcoin! Your order will come to your mail immediately after payment! (if Bitcoin, then we will wait for 3 confirmations).

If you need help: Write to us:

1. Julia, A kind girl, while an excellent Facebook specialist! - https://t.me/Suport_Uliya
2. https://t.me/Carrtman 
3. https://t.me/Kansk_Abrosimov - Artyom! Account launch specialist (launching self-registers)!
They are good specialists and any of them can help you!

We do not know English, and therefore we use a Google translator to communicate with you.

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